The sea of oblivion
The poem of the Nigh
Two words
The Wind new
I heard how the sky was crying
Wind and Silence
Four letters
Your way
Blue letters
The words of sorrow
It was so quietly
The city of feelings
...Where Eternity lives
The crowd
The Night and the Day
The bright light
Unusual flowers
The moon will notice my appearance
The ship of words
Beautiful child
Last dance
Art and Power
Transparent air of recollections
Rainy words
The city of dreams and loneliness
The night
The grain of sand
Time slept
The visible echo of lost feeling
Expected meeting
Music of centuries
The walk along the street of your words
I was looking for you
No words were told
Your recollections
The ship of silence
I went away rapidly
The walk along the border of the sky
Night city of night steps
The small green boat
A statue of feeling
The Sky and the Earth
Simple sing of my being
Soul and body
Opened hearts
Talk with me
Flighty sky
Long-awaited summer
The thunder-storm in my soul
My life
What time is it?
Night dream
Long road
Different beat
Beautiful gifts
The Book of recollections
The night sky
The meeting
The cities
Colored life
The sea
The question
What is this second for me?
I am not alone
People are dancing…
Naked soul
The Last Love
The story of love
Cold water of time
Behind time
I want to be sure…
I was deathless at that time
The circles of life
The snowfall
An accidental visit
Real world
Visible breath
We are free
The main jailer
Life is a strange thing
The connection
Constant rain
The servants
Can you give me some lunch?
Rain and You
The key
Different worlds
Please, do not destroy air-castles
The poem
Old long-playing records
Transparent bridge
The sky speaks with me in its language
A real invisible space
Forgive us our sins
Imperceptible touch to the sky
About love
Truthful Mirrors
The city and the moon
You went away
The language of people
New day
A story without a mistake
Ingenious solution
I am a musician
Beautiful morning
The world was born with me
Voiceful sea
Touch of irony
Slipping time
There are no roads
Simple messages
The leaf and the wind
White sheets of snow
The unanticipated conclusion
Winter night
The order
Empty talk
The result
Not a sound was heard
Hesitations walk around me
Starlit night
Little bird
Happiness is a matter of taste
Huge sea...
The words
Do not ask
Your love to me
Music of stones
I recollected you
The clothes of Rain
To St. Petersburg
The child's dream
Secure retreat
If I could be
Maybe I am endless too
A breath of death
Different impressions
The face of time
Small house on the top of the hill
The unusual dance
As your love for me
White book
The main question
The special evening
The belief in summer
Please, wait for me until I come
The sky
Eternity goes not far from me constantly
Rain turned into Snow
The river of time
A strong rain walks behind the windows of my house
The old cities
A man's reflections
Sad message
The winter has come
The letter of snowfall
Your feeling
The way of broken ship
If people could do it
The dancer
Please, tell me
The result
Nobody knows
The gifts of the wind
We go through different rooms
The wind and the sky
I remember
The river
The Dream about Summer
Winter evening
The only thing
True friends
Different steps
Cold dew
True interest
Only the fresh wind flew in my room
I would like to be far from this world
Where are you going ?
Language of the Earth
What do you see in the sky?
I will be returned to me
The sun is falsehood too...
Do you ask the rain about anything?
If I could know about my future days
You flew away following birds
If my life is like the way of a big river
You live in another strange world
New winter of St. Petersburg
The main thing for me is your life
Please, give me your hand
Another song
Autumn rain
I have left the fussy city
Where can I find myself ?
Traveling Summer
Transparent world
The strange letter
I have opened the window